This is the revolutionary alternative to the standard root canal procedure.

The GentleWave System’s technology uses acoustic sound waves and advanced fluid dynamics to flush away debris and tissue from the entire root canal system. It dissolves organic tissue up to 7x faster than conventional devices, even cleaning microscopic spaces that can’t be reached by standard root canal treatments.

Instead of relying on multiple instruments to clean the root canal system, the GentleWave Procedure uses a sterilized single-use instrument to deliver broad spectrum acoustic energy and a powerful vortex of optimized procedure fluids throughout the canals. As a result, GenlteWave limits the amount of filing that needs to be done to open the canal which in turn preserves the tooth structure and leaves dentin in tact. Dr. Chon says that he has not had to use nearly as much Sodium Hypochlorite to irrigate the canals, and it still cleans the canals better than before. Many patients describe the GentleWave Procedure as very comfortable, especially patients who have previously undergone a standard root canal treatment. Some have even said they were able to fall asleep during the treatment.  

With the GentleWave Procedure being 97% successful, it effectively limits the chance of returning infections which leads to much less retreatments. This also leads to most patients having minimal post treatment pain.